MediCo is an international Healthcare IT consulting company located in Tokyo. We aim to promote a wider Patient-Centered Care where patients are the center of their care. We believe that Patient Centered Care is the future of the Healthcare practice. It is actually identified as one of the key elements of high-quality care. Patient-Centered Care has benefits not only for patients, but for healthcare organizations as well. These benefits include lowered costs, the opportunity to grow market share as well as improving patient health outcomes.

Our mission

To promote Patient-Centered Care by supporting patients, care providers and Healthcare IT solutions’ vendors in this sector. We help patients to get the care they need and help care providers give the care their patients expect. We partner with IT solutions focused on delivering products that would help providers in their practice.

Core values


We share a passion to make the best use of healthcare IT in service of the patient to bring change to the ordinary role of patient. We want to shift the role of patients and their families from passive “order taker” to active ‘team member’. We want to be part of some change that will be bigger than ourselves.


We believe that each patient has individual needs that need to be deeply considered when receiving the care. Respect, compassion and responsiveness to individuals are key indicators of quality of care and they are essential components of improving healthcare systems.


We believe that medical decisions need to be shared between care providers and patients. Patients often feel marginalized by their lack of involvement in decision-making. Care providers need to involve patients in their care and give them a sense of control, while being well informed about what is going on.


We want to help the communication between patient and doctor, in a way that it would be transparent, clear and more efficient.


We earn the trust of our clients and business partners everyday by being responsive, accountable and constructively honest. Nothing is more important to us than protecting the privacy and security of the data our clients entrust to us.

About the founder

MediCo’s founder and Managing Director, Dr. Lalla Soundous Elkhaili (El Alami), has educational background in both communication engineering and Public Health. She received her bachelor and master degrees of communication engineering from Tohoku University and later her DrPH degree from Teikyo University, in Japan. She has 10years consulting working experience with a major IT company in Japan. Her DrPH research project was on the impact of sharing electronic health records (EHR) with patients. She is passionate about advocating patients of all categories. As a foreign patient in Japan herself and as mother of 3, she understands how patients with special needs could feel as they want to be more engaged in their care, as well as in their families’ care. She is passionate about the Patient-Centered Care concept and believes it should be the foundation of healthcare systems.

She is fluent in Arabic, French, English and Japanese. She had fulfilled the requirements of Medical Interpretation Course (English course) at the International University of Health and Welfare and holds Medical Interpreter Certificate (basic, English) from the Japan Medical Education General Incorporated Association.